Shoodii's Grandfather's Page 

Dedicated To

Miguel Whitefire


Shoodii's Grandmother
Circa ~ 1942 





Shoodii and I met in a unique way which will not be told. 
She lovingly gave me the translations on this page. 
She is Apache. 
Her name given by her Grandfather 
Because she looked like her Grandmother
Shoodii Alts'iisde'nde Ariiz'pe
"My Grandfather's Little Apache Coyote." 
Her Grandfather was Jicarilla and Mescalero. 


These words were given to me by Shoodii. 
Please respect them and learn.



Da' nzho. - It is good. 
Aoo, da' nzho. - Yes, it is good. 
Ha annsi? - How are you? 
Doo ansi. - I am fine. 
Abaachii - Apache (Jicarilla only) 
Aoo - Yes 
Dooda - No 
Iheedn - Thank you 
Haee'a - response to Iheedn also in parting, or "all right"
Nadndaal - Come back 
The 'l' sound is like the 'cl' in click. 
Abaachii miizaa - The Apache language. 
Magaanii - White Man 
Shiitsooyee - Grandfather 
Shiichoo - Grandmother 







Nii nahii'maa at'e, ya nahiika'ee at'e. 
The earth is our Mother, the sky is our Father. 

Ik aa'ye iidenka ashii nadndaal. ei nanlwogo aniile shiiyii'ii. 
Exhortation to a young warrior....Run to the mountain and back. It will make you strong my son. 

Sadnleel da'ya'dee nzho. - Long life, old age, everything good. 

Note the verb comes at the end of the sentence. 

Subject and progressive pronouns are generally differentiated by TONE. 

Adjectives regularly follow nouns. 

Gender is not expressed in 3rd person pronouns form. Context determines gender. There are few noun plural forms in Jicarilla. One form serves to render both singular and plural. 

There are no articles in Jicarilla. Thus, Albuquerque, NM may be translated as 'big mountain', the big mountain, or a big mountain. 






Taboos are used to teach the children about dangers and morals. 

Shoodii ts'iyiiltsego da'ya'dee ntoo'e ts'idiits'e doodago ntoo'e'ii. Ts'iiltse shii shoodii ts'iilts'ego ge miich'i keshdiidlii kadndin mee. Keshdiidliigo ntoo'e nowoch'igo ayiile. 

Literally reads like this: Coyote seeing it everything it is bad hearing it or it is bad one one who sees him and coyote one who hears him just him to you pray pollen it with. If you pray evil away he makes it. 

Translates like this: It is very bad to see or hear a coyote. If you should see or hear a coyote, pray to Him with an offering of pollen. Praying to Him will make the evil go away. 

Note: Coyote is the Trickster in Apache folklore, always tricking others out of their money. We don't view him as bad, per say, but give him honor as being wise. This taboo teaches children to stay far away from the coyote as the hungry coyote will be a danger to them. 

Maashje doo nadiltsee da. Le nadzistseego ashdiinii'ii "Shiichoo ma yelhii ch'idiinii". 
Literally: Spider not kill it not. One if one kills it what one says my Grandmother for her I killed it. 

Translates: Do not kill a spider. If you should kill one you must say "I killed it for my Grandmother." 

This teaches children respect for life, also, since you should not kill for your Grandmother unless needed....teaches children not to play with spiders, as Apache children will do! 

Gwii naasya'ye doo miikaa nach'igha da. Gojadii niigai daach'inii. 
Literally: Snake it went where not it upon one walks not one's leg. It will start hurting they say. 
Translation: Do not walk upon a snakes track. They say your leg will start hurting. (The obvious meaning here!) 



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PLEASE do not write to ask me for an Apache name for your dog, cat, horse, etc.!
I am not able to translate, Sorry!!!! 
Below I found an Western Apache/English Dictionary,
use the link! Use the Pronunciation page in Menu. 

Apache/English Translation, Western Apache-English Dictionary.
A Community-Generated Bilingual Dictionary by Dorothy Bray (Editor), White Mountain Apache Indian Tribe. If anyone can point me towards more I will post it. 


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