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Why the Bat
Hangs Upside Down

Retold from a myth of the Lipan Apache Indians of Texas


Once, long ago, Coyote thought he would take a wife, but did not know whom to choose.

"Why not take the wife of Hawk Chief?" Bat said, for Hawk Chief was missing, and had not been seen for many days.

But Hawk Chief returned and became angry with Bat for giving such ill-considered advice. He picked Bat up and slung him with full force into a juniper bush.

Bat hung upside down in the bush, caught by his long, pointy-toed moccasins. He twisted and he turned, but however much he struggled, he could not get free.

And from that time on bats hang upside down - even when they sleep.



The Humpbacked Flute Player

An Indian tradition that dates back to 200 A.D.

In ancient Anasazi tales it is said this legendary, well traveled, footloose figure was a god to some, a nuisance to others and a bearer of good luck and health to many.

Well-known for his gift of fertility, childless wives begged for his company while unmarried women fled from him with fear.


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