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Chatto, Chiricahua Apache. 
Chatto headed a delegation to Washington for a conference on July 26th, to appeal to
the Secretary of War regarding the
removal of the Apache from Fort Apache
to the panhandle of Oklahoma.


Kaahteney, his wife, Guyan, and the child
 Guyan was a "warrior" who fought by her husbands side until his death. Kaahteney was choosen by Nana to succeed him as leader of the Chiricahua.


Gil-lee, or Zele, Chiricahua Apache and his wife Tzes-ton.
Gil-lee became prominate in the Apache wars with Chatto and Benito.


Dos-teh-seh, daughter of  Mangas Coloradas, wife of Cochise,  Mother of Taza and Naiche.


Naiche and wife, Ha-o-zinne.
Naiche about 35, Ha-o-zinne about 17.  From the accounts I can find Naiche had three wives, Nah-de-yole, E-clah-heh and


Geronimo was in the original photo. From left, Chihuahua, Nana, Loco, Ulzana also known as Jolsanny.


Surviving Bedonkohes. Left: Toclanny, a loyal scout, Nah-dos-te, Geronimo's sister, the wife of Nana; Nah-thle-tha, Geronimo's cousin, the Mother of Jason Betzinez; Perico, Geronimo's "brother" (second cousin).


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